Community Action

Community Action

We develop sustainable sources of income for subsistence farming families to uplift up the whole community of over 5000 people.


The Community Coordinator


Mr Nzwanai Mwanza, Head of Garura Village and Community Coordinator 

He is a great help both to the Ambuya Foundation and to Wilderness Africa Trust, communicating throughout the villages, with the authorities in Mutawatawa, and also monitoring projects.


Market Gardening

In 2000 the very first Ambuya Foundation project was to fence the market garden at Bangari Primary School.

Before this happened, the goats and cattle could not be kept out and the garden struggled to produce anything.  

It is now full of vegetables and fruit trees that both feed the children and raise money from sales to the local community.  

It was also a highly visible project and - in 2000 - parents could hardly believe that something in their lives had changed. They said it gave them hope that other things could change.

And indeed life is changing for them.

£25 will help women start their own market gardens to feed their families and raise an income


Health Clinic

The two-hour walk (often with the patient in a wheelbarrow) to the nearest hospital is clearly too much for sick people. The Ambuya Foundation is providing the cement, roofing, doors and windows to complete a new health clinic between the villages.

Three of the four buildings are nearly complete - the consulting room, the waiting room and the nurses' house. The small ward & dispensary still needs work. Once done, the Health Department has agreed to provide the staff.


Road Building

Good access for vehicles makes a huge difference to the community. With Wilderness Africa, we are funding road improvements across a wide area.  Ungraded roads are continually washed away during the heavy summer rains. However there are techniques to reduce erosion and keep transport moving - mainly ox carts and foot traffic. We look forward to the day when a local bus can make a round trip journey to keep the viilages in touch with the the outside world.