Education Action

Education Action

We improve teaching standards, build classrooms and toilets, and care for four impoverished schools.  

Small gifts make a big difference 

- as you can see from the delight on Mrs Mapuranga's face, the headmistress of Nyagande Primary School (above).  

While Nyagande is "on the map" (see Google Earth 17o 09’ 22.08 S and 31o 51’ 08.48” E) it has few resources other than its original elderly buildings.  Our first task was to replace 63 broken window panes.


Our Education Programme aims to get qualified teachers to stay at the schools longer.

This is a remote area and attracting qualified staff has always been a problem. However our system of teacher bonuses is achieving results and turnover is now down to 20% per annum.

Three unqualified teachers from the immediate area are being sponsored at Teacher Training Colleges.  In return for this three year programme they have contracted to stay at one of our schools for four years to improve standards.


We improve facilities

Somewhere to learn out of the sun or rain makes a big difference to pupils  - so does something to sit on. These are not things that most children in Western countries have to worry about.  We build classrooms and we buy furniture.  



Solar Power

Our schools need electricity. We discussed power generation with the schools and it's been decided that solar power, not diesel generators, is the way ahead. Power is for a computer, printer, photocopier and for lights in the teachers' houses.  They have none of this at the moment. Could you fund a solar panel?


We are building a whole school

Bangari Secondary School is being progressively built.  It now has its third intake of pupils and we have to keep one step ahead with accommodation and equipment.



All the schools would very much like to 'twin' with a school in the UK or elsewhere - could you help with this please?