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Technology for the Schools

2013 - Technology arrives! Our big investment is now making a great impact in the schools. Each school now has an 8-panel solar array, a computer and a printer, and Windows Software.

This happily coincided with a local UNICEF computer training workshop and we sponsored 2 teachers from each school to attend this.

Lorraine Kajokoto, our Administrator in Zimbabwe, personally delivered the computers to the schools.

In October Ambuya Trustee, Vicky McHugh, will visit the schools to follow up on the training.


We've made a big decisiion, it's just taking too long to get the Rural Electrification Scheme and the electricity authority interested in our remote rural schools.

So, with a deep breath, we've commissioned an 8-panel solar installation at each of our four rural schools

This means the teachers can word process and print out their lesson plans, exercises and tests.  They can keep school records on a computer in Word or Excel.

There will be lights in the classrooms and head's office, and power in the teachers' houses. 

Each installation cost USD 6,500 or about £4000. Please help us with this expensive but life-changing project by making a donation, however small, right now.  Thank you!