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Its purpose was to increase the status and support of school education in the community - a community with no mains electricity or running water, poor soil for growing crops, and few books. However they have dedicated local School Development Committees and teachers.

2000 people attended! It was all organized in just two weeks thanks to -
Project Mastermind – Lorraine Kajokoto
Local Mastermind and Master of Ceremonies – Blessing Domwe
Event Organizers – Creative Women Enterprises of Harare (an Ambuya Foundation sponsored business) – Chipo Chikwanha, Kerina Mhuru & Julitah Mutandwa
Wilderness Africa Trust Purchasing Officer – Sally Bertinotti
WAT Drivers – Joseph Mwaeda Chikangaise and Joseph Nyambiya

Miss Lorraine Kajokoto, Fun Day Event Organiser
“The theme of the Fun Day was ‘A Celebration for Education’. With the help of staff at Wilderness Africa, teachers from Nyagande and Kutsokodeka and Creative Women Enterprises we managed to come up with a programme for the day as well as organize local people who would do the catering.
The event was a success. It was a new phenomenon in the area and was received well. Community members, school children and teachers had a chance to interact on a less formal platform for better relations.
This interaction between the school and the community is necessary even to the development of the school. It is my sincere hope that the event contributed immensely to the improvement of the schools. Many thanks go to Ambuya Sally for facilitating this event.” 

Mr Joseph Mwaeda Chikangaise , Wilderness Africa Trust “The Fun Day at Nyagande Primary School was a spectacular day filled with a very exciting atmosphere. Speeches were said, guests were ‘full’ and even a choir which performed so good that touched my heart.”

Mr Joseph Nyambiya, Wilderness Africa Trust
“Ambuya Sally thanked everyone including us, the WAT staff. It makes us happy and we got ourselves a cheer. We forget that our hands were too short and our pockets too deep.”

Mrs Chipo Chikwanha , Creative Women Enterprises “I say to Ambuya Foundation thank you and may God richly bless you and enlarge your territory. For this occasion which left many dumb founded with a passion to let the lion in them roar.”

Mrs Kerina Mhuru, Creative Women Enterprises
“After the Guest of Honour arrived, representatives of various institutions spoke. They all appreciated the work Sally is doing for the community e.g. paying school fees for some of the children and buying uniforms for others. They also thanked her for building a school and a clinic in the same area. She also developed a small Game Park to attract tourists and for children to see wild animals. Because of her developmental activities the children and parents have changed their negative attitudes towards education to a positive one. Looking at the way parents and children enjoyed the occasion; it was evident that the community now has confidence in Sally. It was grateful to note that Sally and the community may continue to develop the area for the good of Zimbabwe."

Mrs Julitah Mutandwa , Creative Women Enterprises
“I was very proud of being at Nyagande School to share with the parents how good Ambuya is through paying fees, buying books, building more schools and destroying poverty. The Game Park is one of the best things in the rural areas, showing young ones that animals are our friends, do not kill them. Thank you Ambuya.”

Mr Nzwanai Mwanza, Village Head, Garura Village & Community Coordinator
“At this Fun day all VIP were invited and all the communities to celebrate. All chiefs, Village Heads, Headmen, councilors, MP, Senators, Police force, School heads and children from the two schools were there. The Creative Women from Chitungwiza were there to do the cooking and feed all the people who were there. The people were all given food. People ate sadza and beef. Two cattle were killed on that day and there was also chicken. Drinks were given to everyone.”